"Pier Shed"

Added on by Betsy Johnson Welty.

This watercolor of a Boothbay, Maine locale entitled Pier Shed, hung in a show during July, 2013 at the Framed Image Gallery in Denver, CO.     



Added on by Betsy Johnson Welty.

This watercolor was juried into the 30th Annual All Colorado Art Show, an exhibit that ran from July 20th - August 29th, 2013 at the Curtis Arts and Humanities Center in Littleton, Colorado. 

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"Boothbay Sunflowers"

Added on by Betsy Johnson Welty.

This watercolor painting appeared in Denver's Framed Image Gallery show entitled,  "Spring Green & Tangerine."  The location is a garden of a historic home in Boothbay Harbor, Maine.

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2011 Poster Celebrates University Park's 125th Anniversary

Added on by Betsy Johnson Welty.

My painting featured on this commemorative poster is a watercolor nocturne of University of Denver's Chamberlin Observatory.  The observatory is the iconic symbol of the University Park neighborhood, and was an appropriate subject for the 125th Anniversary Celebration poster.  The painting features accurate constellations of stars as they might appear in the night sky above the observatory.  



Quincy Farm at Dawn

Added on by Betsy Johnson Welty.

The early morning sun illuminates this barn in hues of orange and pink.   Organic shapes in the foreground foliage and background trees add contrast to the hard geometric lines of the structure.

This farm located in Cherry Hills Village, CO, has been preserved by the owner through a conservation easement and is now park of the Cherry Hills Land Preserve.  

To read more, go to this link: http://cherryhillslandpreserve.org/cat-anderson-property/



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